Sandoz is the only generics company with a top 3 position in all major regions of the world, reaching more than 500 million patients annually and playing a leading role in generating savings for healthcare systems worldwide.

We are a global leader in biosimilar and generic medicines, committed to playing a leading role in driving access to medicine worldwide. Our portfolio includes approximately 1 000 molecules covering a broad range of therapeutic areas with over 150 different product and technology combinations.

With a global footprint and 9.6 billion USD in 2020 sales, we would be excited to discuss partnerships in the biosimilar, antibiotic, oncology and respiratory area in our key markets US, Europe and selected countries in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East. We are also open to offerings in other therapeutic areas and complex technology areas, like long acting injectables.

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We are a global leader in biosimilars with 8 marketed molecules and a strong portfolio of 15+ assets. We are seeking external partners to support us in our aspiration to continue to help millions of patients to access affordable, sustainable biologic and retain our leadership in the area.

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