Our researchers combine imagination with the rigor of collaborative science to find better treatments for disease.

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research is the innovation engine of Novartis. With approximately 6,000 scientists and physicians at NIBR around the world, our research is focused on discovering innovative new drugs that will change the practice of medicine. We have an open and entrepreneurial culture, encouraging collaboration internally and externally to make effective therapies. Today, our research benefits from an external network of more than 300 academic and 100 industry alliances focused on areas of mutual scientific interest. We collaborate across scientific and organizational boundaries, with a focus on powerful new technologies that have the potential to help produce therapeutic breakthroughs for patients.


Academic Alliances


Industry Alliances

At NIBR, you will have the opportunity to work alongside an extraordinarily talented and diverse group of people from around the globe, all committed to making a difference for our patients and customers.

We have 6 locations globally

  • Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • San Diego, California
  • Emeryville, California
  • East Hanover, New Jersey
  • Basel, Switzerland
  • Shanghai, China

Disease Areas

We focus on discovering and advancing new treatments for serious patient needs. From the inception of a therapy through early clinical development, our disease area teams collaborate across scientific disciplines and organizations in support of our mission to improve and extend peoples’ lives.

We discover medicines to improve the lives of patients suffering from immune mediated and inflammatory diseases. Our research focus is highly-selective, targeting the elements of the immune system that drive disease, while ensuring the highest safety and efficacy possible.

Pranjali working at NIBR

During my 4 day working week I am an Associate Director in Trial Management. I also led a diversity focused employee resource group and I’m part of the Accelerating Woman Leaders Program. Novartis has created an inclusive culture that proactively supports the personal and professional growth of women . It’s been an exciting & enriching leadership journey.

Pranjall, Associate Global Trial Director

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases investigates and develops transformative therapies to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients with atherosclerosis, heart failure, arrhythmia, and metabolic diseases.

Disease Area X catalyzes and drives transformative therapies for emerging, high-potential indications. Our current research focuses on liver diseases, kidney diseases, and non-malignant blood diseases.

Exploratory Immuno-Oncology investigates the mechanisms that regulate the anti-tumor immune response. We combine key learnings from the clinic with hypothesis-driven preclinical research to define novel targets and move these targets into the drug development pipeline using multiple therapeutic platforms to generate efficacious, novel immunotherapies for cancer patients.

Nirupama working at NIBR

12 years of learning and laughter, journeying from a mentee to a mentor, from an intern to leading a Group, Novartis has kept the curious student in me alive and active. Learning and growing while serving patients and society.

Nirupama, Associate Director Statistical Programing

Our mission is to target musculoskeletal diseases and injuries to restore mobility and independence to patients.

Diseases of the nervous system have a dramatic impact on patients and families around the world. These diseases are among the greatest contributors to disability and mortality affecting more than two billion people. Our mission is to reduce human suffering by developing treatments for serious diseases of the nervous system.

Milena working at NIBR

5 months with Novartis, and already within the first week I joined a global project spanning across various functions, stakeholders & countries. There’s no better way to learn about a new company than by getting involved in a live project right from the get-go!

Milena, Senior Consultant

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Oncology is uniquely positioned to create new standards of care for cancer patients through a combination of treatment approaches including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, CAR-T, and radioligand therapy.


The mission of the Ophthalmology Disease Area is to save sight and restore vision to improve the lives of patients with blinding diseases.

In Respiratory Diseases our mission is to discover and progress novel medicines that provide effective treatments for patients that have high unmet needs in COPD, IPF, Asthma, and other respiratory diseases. We are leveraging 21st century technologies to understand lung biology, and respiratory translational science in ways that will help us re-imagine the treatment of respiratory diseases.


These research groups have deep expertise in technologies and disciplines that are relevant to multiple disease areas. They support drug discovery teams across Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research.

Unleashing the power of analytical sciences to enable transformative therapies.

Christian working at NIBR

10 years with Novartis and counting. While a large company Novartis remains innovative and agile. I joined from a competitor due to Novartis’ reputation and 10 years on it continues to exceed expectation.

Christian, Head Digital Strategy & Solutions

Our mission is to create new modalities that tackle complex biology and enable the production of quality biotherapeutics, which translate innovative ideas of Novartis investigators into medicines. To reach this goal, we rely on our scientists by nurturing an inspiring environment of intellectual curiosity and open collaboration with our partners.

In Chemical Biology & Therapeutics, we strive to innovate the science of therapeutics through a dynamic culture of enabling partnerships within Novartis and beyond. Through a variety of technologies and talents, we translate exceptional science into medical innovation.

Global Discovery Chemistry operates with the goal to efficiently create a continuous stream of innovative medicines through scientific excellence and strong collaboration across disciplines. We aim to discover and develop breakthrough molecules by boldly enabling unprecedented biological space with suitably crafted compounds across diverse chemical modalities, in partnership with our disease area and platform colleagues.

PK Sciences is an enterprise organization, working across both Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research and the Global Drug Development organizations to advance the scientific knowledge of pharmacokinetics, metabolism and clinical pharmacology, playing a pivotal role in bridging drug discovery and clinical application.

Preclinical Safety provides world class preclinical safety profiling and assessment for optimal drug discovery, development, and commercialization with state-of-the-art regulatory compliance. We achieve this together with our internal partners as a global organization working in an environment of mutual trust and respect.


These groups serve as the crucial bridge between drug discovery and clinical application. Physician-scientists and researchers specialize in integrating findings from early drug discovery projects with their own deep knowledge of disease pathways and unmet medical needs.

Biomarker Development enables testing of biological and therapeutic hypotheses in clinical trials by developing and analyzing innovative biomarkers spanning molecular, cellular, imaging and digital device modalities. Their quality work contributes significantly to Novartis’ goal of delivering high value, differentiated medicines to patients.

Clinical Sciences & Innovation executes and oversees the majority of the Translational Medicine clinical portfolio worldwide. Our associates strive to support a smooth transition from discovery research to clinical practice – driven by a strong focus on clinical & data sciences, clinical innovation, patient centricity and strategic planning.

Discovery & Profiling drives innovative science from discovery to the patient through the selection, profiling and effective development of medicines. The global Discovery & Profiling group includes Translational Medicine Experts with a strong background in both biological research and clinical practice. Their dual experience helps them identify optimal indications for new drugs.

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Oncology is uniquely positioned to create new standards of care for cancer patients through a combination of treatment approaches including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, CAR-T, and radioligand therapy.


Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research global Translational Medicine group builds on basic research advances to develop new therapies that address unmet medical need. We are the crucial bridge between drug discovery and clinical application. Through our work, we increase the speed, quality and productivity of drug discovery and development by Novartis and play a pivotal role in bringing innovative medicines to patients.

Novartis Oncology

Novartis is pushing the boundaries of innovation with BOLD science that seeks to transform lives as we strive in pursuit of cures for cancer.

With a relentless focus on patients, we work together with the global medical and patient communities to discover and develop approaches that address unmet medical needs, cancers, and life-threatening blood disorders.

There is no single way to treat cancer. That’s why we are focused on reimagining cancer care through 4 distinct therapeutic platforms: Targeted Therapies, Cell and Gene Therapy, Immunotherapy and Radioligand Therapy.

Our strategy and ambition

We are determined to create the greatest impact for our patients and their families. Our BOLD4Cure strategy inspires us to deliver meaningful impact to patients and serves as our focus for the next 10 years and drives us to achieve a set of ambitious goals.

Our ambition is to reach 4x as many patients by 2030 through our innovative growth brands, spanning 4 or more therapeutic platforms, combined with strategic partnerships and acquisitions..

Our promise is BOLD – we measure our success by the lives we touch, and ensure Novartis remains the place to be in Oncology.

Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases (NITD)

NITD is an established organization that is striving to help end the burden of tropical disease in developing countries. With more than 100 researchers and support staff, NITD focuses its research activities on dengue, tuberculosis and malaria. We will make our treatments readily available without profit to poor patients in developing countries where these diseases are endemic.

NITD recruits the best scientific experts in the world. As a major center of excellence, NITD offers teaching and training opportunities for:

  • Post-doctoral fellows
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduates
  • Trainees

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