Chemistry Informatics Specialist (3rd party)

Chemistry Informatics Specialist (3rd party)
The job will request the people to work closely with scientists from chemistry department (incl. medicinal chemistry, analytical science, PK studies, and computer added drug design), structure biology, high throughput screening for research needs about scientific applications’ trouble shooting, new applications/tools rollout, training, customization, and/or initiate the local projects with regards to kinds of applications in China.
•Facilitate research in Chemistry by including more informatics ideas in an eye of scientific IT with the knowledge of chemistry informatics.
•Provide consultancy and deliver sustainable computational solutions to routine and/or hoc requests in a timely manner.
•Promote mutual understanding and relationships between chemist and IT supporters.
•Harmonize a professional network environment across the global NIBR organization.
•Either work independently with the research scientists, or work as a member of a local or global team to deliver the appropriate solution.
Education: M.S. in Chemoinformatics or related subjects in Chemistry with a good knowledge of computer and chemistry applications. 2+ year working experience.
Languages: Mandarin, English

1. Be able to convert questions raised from daily routines to easily understandable models in a quickly way.
2. Provide traceable records of followings:
•Medicinal chemistry expertise, using and understanding kinds of technologies used in medicinal chemistry (eLN, NMR, etc.).
•Analytical research expertise, using and/or managing kinds of analytical technologies (HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, etc.).
•PK/PD study background in and general ideas.
•CADD research projects (concepts of CADD and use of kinds of applications for interactive visualizations).
•Skills of programming using different languages.
•Understanding of chemical databases.
•Working with projects have close relationships with compounds.
•Knowledge of various informatics tools (Spotfire, Pipeline Pilot, Knime, etc.)

3. Good interpersonal skills and team work.

4. Familiar with drug discovery workflow.
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