Head of Access & Commercial, Peru

Head of Access & Commercial, Peru
Effectively support introduction of new compounds fast into market for the widest commercial indications with the right price. Obtain govemments and health care providers reimbursement to allow for patient access to tratments. Ensure current and new indications are included in formulary listings in a timely manner. Provide Value messages and propositions to ensure negociations are based on solid information and designed for customer type.
Design, develop and implement strategic and tactic access plans in order to contribute with business revenue through sales budget fulfillment. This includes the promotional material design and development relevant to strategy implementation Lead actively all steps of pricing & reimbursement planning, execution and negotiation, incorporating health economic tools into the local pricing negotiation process. Design and implement reimbursement strategy for all products of the Oncology unit. This includes pharmacoeconomy dossiers development and submission in health ministries, social security institutions, payers, etc. Ensure plan development by client and product in order to increase access and direct demand. Coordinate and/or Develop and implement patient programs meant to improve their access to specific products, through optimization government investment program (GIPAP and Shared Contribution Program SCP) Contribute to new business development through the access advise during commercial proposals (negotiation alternatives based on PIGO portfolio) Develop and implement KAM field force access work plan. Train, accompany and support them in the field in order to implement the access strategy. Design, develop and implement Patient Advocacy Groups projects and development plans through get self managed associations in order to increase patient access to best treatments and medicines. Build for the Ecuador/Peru team an in depth and up to date knowledge of access strategies of high performance competitors in a institutional level in order to understand the strategies that make them successfu. Ensure legal and ethical conduct, corporate compliance, and adherence to company guidelines and procedures (Code of conduct, NP4, Global Compact, Community Partnership etc.).
University degree: Business Discipline or Bioscience / Health Economics/ Health Management Fluency in local country language. Advance English desirable At least 3 years in Governmnent and private negotiations.
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