Oct 02, 2022

Job Description

Job Purpose 工作目的

 Develop, implement and hold accountability for the marketing strategy which enable Sandoz to enter the Chinese Market and optimize profitability, market share and revenue growth over time
 制定、实施、负责市场战略,让山德士进入中国市场,逐步优化盈利能力,确保市场份额和收入增长
 Identify opportunities for growth of new launches and maximize its market potential over time
 发现市场机会促进新产品销售增长,逐步实现其市场潜力最大化
 Ensure the goals are met through effective management of people, products and process
 通过有效管理人员、产品和流程确保目标实现

Major Accountabilities 主要职责

Initial focus on Marketing:
 Provide market analytics insights to help develop Go-to-Market strategy for China and moni-tor performance
 通过市场洞察参与制定中国Go-to-Market战略并监控绩效
 Develop and implement marketing strategy and marketing plans (product strategies, brand strategy, positioning, volume/price forecasts, distributor/sales strategy, resources allocation plan, etc.) to address growth targets
 制定和实施市场战略和市场计划(产品战略、品牌战略、定位、数量/价格预测、经销商/销售战略、资源分配计划等)以达成增长目标
 Drive corporate positioning/branding, ensure alignment with the global standards
 推动企业定位/品牌建设,确保其符合全球标准
 Support achievement of BU goals and targets by identifying, networking and developing ap-propriate and compliant HCP activities
 通过甄别、建立人际关系网络、开展合适合规的HCP活动,支持部门达成目标
 Support Business Development team in portfolio definition by providing relevant market in-formation
 通过提供相关市场信息,支持业务开发团队确定投资组合
 Monitor budgets, forecasts and expenses to deliver efficient performance and resource allo-cation
 监控预算、预测和费用,创造有效业绩,进行有效资源分配
 Adhere to SP3 compliance
 符合《山德士(中国)专业活动政策》标准

At a later stage (after market entry) – option to develop into MKT:
 Monitor market trends, product performance conducting regular critical reviews against plans and take corrective action as required
 监控市场趋势和产品效果,定期对计划进行严格审查,根据需要进行修正
 Achieve growth in terms of market share while contributing to Sandoz China overall man-agement result
 实现市场份额增长,为山德士中国整体管理业绩做出贡献
 Build, lead, motivate and develop a MKT team over time to deliver required performance according to set objectives and company values/competencies
 逐步建立、领导、激发、发展市场团队,根据既定目标和公司价值/能力创造业绩
 Continually strive to improve sales and marketing effectiveness/productivity and perfor-mance, e.g. reporting, analysis, territory management systems required in a high perfor-mance organization
 不断努力提高销售和市场效率/生产力和业绩,例如,高绩效组织所需的报告、分析和区域管理系统
 Review positioning and resource allocation across the products/activities to optimize produc-tivity and profitability
 审核产品/活动中资源定位和分配,以优化产量和盈利
 Optimize timeline of launches, accuracy of sales forecasts
 优化上市时间线,确保销售预测

Key Performance Indicators 关键绩效指标

 Successful development and implementation of MKT strategy
 成功制定和实施市场战略
 Knowledge level of the Company’s and competitors’ products
 对公司和竞争对手产品的了解程度
 Execution of Budgets, LE-revisions and actual vs. forecast
 费用和运营预算,LE修订,实际vs预测
 Quality of relationship with key opinion leaders and key customers
 与主要意见领袖和大客户的关系质量
 Market Share
 市场份额
 Market Share growth
 市场份额增长
 Quality of product sales forecasting
 产品销售预测质量
 Inventory of stock levels not to exceed target limits
 库存水平清单不超过目标限值
 Consistency and adherence to detailing message
 细节信息一致性
 Employee surveys, semi/annual employee appraisals, meetings and feedback
 员工调查,半年/年度员工评估、会议和反馈

Diversity & Inclusion / EEO

Novartis is committed to building an outstanding, inclusive work environment and diverse teams representative of the patients and communities we serve.

Minimum Requirements

Education 教育
University degree in Business or Science

Experience is compulsory in hospital channel segment for prescription products, Pharma Sales district sales manager – 2-3 years and Pharma Marketing /Product Manager – min 2-3 years
All together 8-10 years Pharma experience in China

Fluent Mandarin compulsory, fair English level needed

 Strategic Agility
 战略敏锐度
 Business Acumen
 商业敏锐度
 Drive for results
 结果导向
 Customer Focus
 以客户为中心
 Ethics and Values
 道德规范和价值观
 Timely decision managing
 及时决策管理
 Innovation Management
 创新管理
 Creativity
 创造力
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Full Time
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