Specialist / Manager, HEOR ,PBU

Oct 12, 2021

Job Description

108,000 associates reimagining medicine for more than 799 million people globally. That is also the number of people you may impact as our new internal consultant. We are growing our internal consulting team with talented candidates coming from consulting firms with project and program management experience. This role provides an outstanding opportunity for global exposure to various consulting programs within Novartis.

Your Responsibilities:
 Operational, project management (processes)
• Contribute to the design, analysis, and interpretation of HEOR projects that demonstrate overall product value (clinical and economic).
• Develop and integrate parameters necessary to demonstrate clinical, economic, and humanistic product value to payers and other decision-makers into outcome research, phase IV and PMS.
• Work with colleagues in developing modeling framework
• Develop analysis plan and lead execution of exploratory data analyses from in-ternal clinical trial databases.
• Provide methods and evidence for outcomes assessment component to support commercialization of the product and achieve optimal market access (reimbursement and formulary listing).
• Develop health economic tools to be used to ensure reimbursement and market access.
• Provide critical scientific review and development of Medical plan and IPS.
• Develop health economic tools (local adaptation) to be used to ensure submission of dossier and pricing strategy.
• Provide critical scientific review and development of RWE protocols.
• Delivering and publishing on-time key data for Winning for the Patients strategy: improving patient outcomes, institutional cost savings, and patient access, according to the product life-cycle.
 People
• Work with colleagues in Pricing group to demonstrate the value of the product.
• Assist in the determination of the HEOR plan, such as which HEOR studies support commercialization and market access
• Collaborate with HEOR Directors and other Development and Medical franchise members to optimize package to differentiate Novartis products.
• Effectively communicate insights and research findings internally/externally.
• Develop strong research partnerships with external stakeholders, academic research institutions, customers, contract research organizations, and other HEOR thought leaders.
• Develop strong partnerships, capability building with internal stakeholders in a cross-functional framework (clinical, safety, regulatory and commercial functions) to meet product needs.
• Effectively collaborate with therapeutic franchises to incorporate HEOR mindset. Educate colleagues on relevant, state-of-the-art methodology.
 Structure, Management
• Indirect supervision of Staffs and contractors
 Compliance
• Ensure adequate reporting of adverse events / technical complaint / compliance issue in accordance with company procedures
• 100% timely delivery of all training requirements including compliance

To provide scientific insight and methods to support the generation of evidence to demonstrate the value of Novartis brands in order to support commercialization and achieve optimal market access (reimbursement and formulary listing).
The HEOR Specialist leads and support the CPO strategy and governance for HEOR initiatives.
He/She will be responsible for Local – Regional – Global alignment through close working relationships with Japan Clinical Development, Global PA_HEOR and Global RWE CoE Leadership and teams, and leverage of internal expertise, best practices and capabilities across the CPO. He/She works in close collaboration with Japan Clinical Development and Medical, to develop strategic plans and strive for maximal efficiency, quality, execution of economic analysis, outcome research & data-oriented decision making in full compliant manner, resulting in local pricing dossier and value demonstration.

Diversity & Inclusion / EEO

Novartis is committed to building an outstanding, inclusive work environment and diverse team’s representative of the patients and communities we serve.

Minimum Requirements

What you will bring to the role:
• Strong interest in the area of Health Economics and Outcome research
• Agility to acquire the knowledge & skills needed to sufficiently execute the role as HEOR Specialist within a reasonable amount of time

• Experience conducting health economic and outcomes research for pharmaceutical products or experience in a closely related discipline within the pharma industry,; or experience in a closely related discipline within the pharma industry (e.g., clinical research, statistics, epidemiology, pricing)
• Demonstrated prior research accomplishment (e.g, publications)
• Awareness of databases and other sources of outcomes and economic data including disease epidemiology and treatment
• Formal training in a clinical science or basic physiology
• Strong technical knowledge in HEOR study methods from the areas of statistics, epidemiology, and modeling.
• Minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Education:•Undergraduate degree in a relevant scientific discipline plus preferably graduate degree (Masters, MD or PhD) in relevant discipline including health economics, epidemiology, and health services research, biostatistics, or public health.
• Prior pharma experience preferred
• At least 2 years’ experience (3-5 preferred) conducting pharmaco-epidemiologic research

Languages: Japanese and English fluency
Market Access
Full Time
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Specialist / Manager, HEOR ,PBU

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