Medical Sciences Liaison

Apr 28, 2021

Job Description

26000+! That’s how many employees at Sandoz worldwide. We are a division of the Novartis Group and a global leader in generic and biosimilar medicines, committed to playing a leading role in driving access to high-quality and affordable medicine worldwide. Join us and pioneer access for more patients!
Your Key Responsibilities:
Your responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• The Medical Science Liaison (MSL) serves to advance science and standards of care for patients, healthcare pro-viders and payers, and ensure they can access all the practical and clinically relevant information and solutions they need to use Sandoz’s products efficiently and safely.
• MSLs are responsible for developing and implementing customer facing medical strategies and have a primary liaison role to the medical and scientific community.
MSLs are responsible for engaging Customers, including HCPs, in non-promotional medical and scientific discus-sions regarding all on-market and in-development Sandoz products, including those that have been in-licensed, or on topics relating to disease states.
• Communicate and inform on complex scientific and medical information on disease areas in which Sandoz is involved, and on our products; to support the safe, effective and appropriate use of Sandoz medicines.
• Participate in the selection process to identify appropriately qualified experts the Company would wish to engage in collaborative efforts to ensuring a high level of scientific or educational integrity in these collaborative efforts.
• Develop professional and credible medical/scientific relationships with customers (Healthcare Profes-sionals, Payers, and the like) and external experts of strategic importance to Sandoz.
• Serve as a point of contact within the Medical Affairs team for external experts in order to provide and discuss scientific information and data regarding Sandoz products to healthcare professionals to ensure quality and accuracy of key medical and scientific information by face-to-face visits scientific communi-cations.
• May function as the Sandoz medical speaker to present at Sandoz/Society sponsored activities for up-to-date data based scientific and clinical information on Sandoz product(s) to deliver credible presenta-tions on scientific matters to physicians, individually or in groups (meetings, clinical sessions, etc.), where requested - with the focus on key external experts.

Minimum Requirements

Commercial OPS SIR SZ
Fuzhou (Fujian)
Research & Development
Full Time

Medical Sciences Liaison

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