Head of Production

Head of Production
Advanced Accelerator Applications, una società del gruppo Novartis, è una società farmaceutica innovativa focalizzata sullo sviluppo di prodotti per la radioliganda mirata e l'imaging di radiologia di precisione. Ci impegniamo a trasformare la vita dei pazienti attraverso l'innovazione nella medicina nucleare.
AAA offre ai professionisti l'opportunità di affrontare nuove sfide e perseguire una carriera in un'azienda sanitaria in rapida crescita, guidata dalla tecnologia. Siamo focalizzati nel migliorare la salute dei pazienti guidando l'innovazione nella medicina nucleare. Siamo alla ricerca di persone che condividano il nostro impegno per aiutarci a raggiungere questo obiettivo. Advanced Accelerator Applications è un datore di lavoro per le pari opportunità (EOE).

Job Description

Ensure daily production through its availability in the production area to facilitate the operation of the work cell, in a manner consistent with the culture of self-management given through empowerment and the required responsibility, with the objective of producing and deliver high quality products to customers in a compromising, efficient and profitable manner.

Major Activities

• To GUARANTEE that drugs and medical disposals are produced and stored in compliance with standards coming from Quality Management System and existing legislation
• To PREPARE and/or VERIFY manufacturing procedures and ensure they are strictly observed
• To GUARANTEE that data coming from production are valued and signed before being -sent to Quality Control
• To PLAN production on all stages and for products,
• To PLAN, COORDINATE and MANAGE resources to ensure production targets consistent with GMP (quantity, mix, costs)
• To VERIFY the efficiency of production areas, facilities and equipment
• To VERIFY (or check) routine maintenance for every equipment involved in production processes. in collaboration with Engineering (To VERIFY the execution of validation processes for production areas, facilities and equipment in compliance with quality standards
• To TRAIN (initial and continuous training), personnel in compliance with specific needs
• To ACHIEVE production targets (quantity, mix, costs) through planning, coordination and optimal management of resources
• To PROMOTE, in agreement with QU/QA Manager, the implementation of products rules for traceability on Company’s ERP software
• For proper evaluation, to transfer to QU/QP all information that can affect the quality of the products
Implementation of Preventive Action and Corrective Action for the manufacturing process in place in the facility

Minimum requirements

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Engineering

Languages: National Language and English fluently, verbally and in writing

Experience / Professional requirements:
• 3+ years of experience in a high tech production environment (focus on the freezed dried injectable products)
• Strong affinity with and awareness of quality issues
• skills (communication, leadership, team-working with other departments, problem solving ,specific training course like the Microbiological aspects (aseptical behaviours, B.I.&Endotoxin handling, etc.) – and in chemical safety aspects etc.)
• Open and clear collaboration and communication to make sure the daily production operation runs smoothly
• Exploitation of new technology and techniques to eliminate non-value adding activities and improve productivity / performance through new processes
• Shows the appropriate sense of urgency around given tasks
• Collaborate with the others functions manager in the analysis planned for third parties (i.e. technologis transfer, new product engineering necessity, etc.)
• Capacity to manage and coordinate external contract maintenance company
• Strong affinity with and awareness of quality issues.
• Open and clear collaboration and communication to make sure the daily operation runs smoothly.
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