Product Manager

Product Manager
Develop, implement and be accountable for product marketing plans which optimise profitability, market share and revenue growth in the short and long term.
- Develop, implement and adapt the tactical plan in line with corporate strategic product objectives. '- Communicate effectively within the organisation to ensure the motivation and alignment of sales force and other key people and the achievement of product objectives. '- Develop and maintain strong working relationships with key customers to support current and future product objectives. '- Develop and continuously update knowledge and therapy, product and market. '- Monitor and control product performance and adjust plans accordingly. '- Anticipate future trends in disease management and market environment which are likely to af'-fect the performance and potential of the product. '- Prepare and develop the market especially for new launches. '- Propose accurate Market Share\\Market Share Growth grids for individual products. '- Monitor and control budgets, forcasts and expenses and assess the marketing mix of the assig'-ned promoted product(s) to evaluate cost effectiveness and results. '- Productivity and forecast accuracy
University degree English: fluent written& spoken Min 2 years experience in marketing
Novartis Turkey
Full Time