1 ensure monthly visits to defined target customers and product promotion. 2 cooperate with the company's academic activities and sales activities 3 establish and improve customer files and keep good relationship with customers 4 timely and accurate implementation of the reporting system (hospital, cost, administration), timely report changes 5 timely feedback of market information (customers, products, competitors) 6 cooperate with regional manager 7 improve customer service quality 8 complete temporary tasks assigned by regional manager or regional manager Senior MR/ Product Specialist / Executive Product Specialist are responsible for the following tasks 9 assist regional manager to provide new recruits with new clients, marketing, corporate reporting system and related policies 10 assist regional manager to arrange and complete sales activities 11 provide guidance to subordinates
College degree or above, major in medicine Basic oral and written English Related work experience such as marketing, sales, etc Senior MR/ Product Specialist / Executive Product Specialist to be able to pass the company's qualification, ability and performance in line with the company's requirements for the post
Greater China
Novartis Pharma Beijing
Full Time