Head of Data and Analytics – Digital Medicine

Head of Data and Analytics – Digital Medicine
Job Purpose The Head of Data and Analytics is responsible for the development and implementation of data and advanced analytics solutions to enable the Digital Medicines Portfolio of Novartis Pharma. He/she is responsible for setting the ambition and culture, and championing for the use of data and analytics in developing transformative and impactful Digital Medicines solutions. Data and analytics are real strategic assets across the organization. The Head of Data and Analytics will directly report to the Global Head of Digital Medicines. He/she will work with the broader organization including Digital Team including Franchise Digital Teams, IT, external partners, etc. to establish a more data- and analytics- centric approach to how Digital Medicines innovates, engages customers and operates digital solutions. The Head of Data and Analytics is in addition expected to act as a leader at a cross-organizational level. This mandate encompasses the following elements.
1)Developing the data access, acquisition, data warehouse, analytics engine solutions enabling Digital Medicines initiatives across Novartis Pharma
2)Lead in applying cutting edge advanced analytics methodologies to generate novel insights and actions
3)Setting standards, structure and ways of working for data and advanced analytics for Digital Medicines
4)Driving a cultural change in the company towards more data- and analytics centricity across Novartis Pharma.

• Developing and implementing the data and analytics solutions that drive personalized digital solutions across the customer journeys (patients, physicians, payors, etc.) addressing key customer needs as well as enabling personalized experiences across digital touchpoints
• Create transparency on data assets generated through current and future digital medicines solutions and channels, incl. connected devices, apps, digital services (e.g. telemedicine) and any other interaction points with customers
• Assess quality and value of data assets to Novartis Pharma to create unique, seamless, distinctive and personalized treatment solutions for our customers
• Identify relevant data gaps, prioritize data needs, develop and implement innovative solutions to close these, e.g., through collaboration models with third party networks
• Develop and address opportunities around novel sources or applications of data to bring the value of data at Novartis Pharma to the next level
• Owner for the customer analytics engine and insight generation, responsible to define collection, storage, processing of data through advanced analytics and insight generation feeding into all relevant parts of digital innovation solutions
• Work side-by-side with internal (in particular IT, RWE) and external partners where relevant in translating the data and analytics solutions into technical implementation, incl. data platforms, API, MDM, ensure team work and proper integration with other elements of digital solutions
• Set standards, ways of working and approach for data and analytics for Digital Medicines solutions
• Define set of standards and processes to manage quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of data throughout the data lifecycle
• Be part of the cross-organizational data strategy body to co-develop data strategy and data governance at Novartis, work closely with the Head of Data Strategy and Head of Advanced Analytics of Novartis
• Ensure coordination and full leverage of central and decentral data capabilities across the organization
• Lead change management in close collaboration with other data and analytics colleagues to build a more data-centered mindset, incl., capability building, change agents, talent placement
• Improve literacy in the value and use of data and advanced analytics across the organization
• Lead successful implementation of data and analytics initiatives across regions and markets
• University degree with an advanced degree in technology, data sciences, computer sciences or applied mathematics.
• English fluent spoken & written; any other European language is an advantage
• 5-10 yrs of experience in developing and implementing data and advanced analytics solutions with significant experience in pharma and healthcare sector
• Deep practical understanding of advanced analytics methodologies including AI, machine learning.
• Successful practical application of relevant advanced analytics methodologies in relevant application areas, incl. personalization of treatment journeys, channel optimization, etc.
• Proven track record in building large integrated data lakes and data warehouses in an environment with established heritage systems and different sources of da-ta including connected devices, apps, etc.
• Deep understanding and practical experience in technology around data, incl. data ingestion, API, cloud-based systems
• Broad and deep understanding of data landscape in healthcare, incl. relevance and quality of various data sources (incl., clinical trial data, patient monitoring da-ta, EHRs, claims data, other types of real world data)
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