We are unbossing our people

Woman looking at a mountain

We want to develop inclusive leaders who are self-aware and able to empower their teams by creating clarity and accountability, removing obstacles and empowering and supporting others to reach their full potential.  We are approaching this in two ways - by creating the right environment for our leaders to lead (including through efforts such as Choice with Responsibility) and by providing the necessary experience to enable them to succeed.

We believe our leaders play a critical role in driving, enabling and role-modeling our culture aspiration and ensuring that it is lived by all our associates across the organization. We aim to unlock our leaders to be their best selves. Supporting them to become more self-aware, set clear goals and remove barriers to unleash the power, passion and talent within all of our people including themselves.

  • Our Unbossed Leadership Experience (ULE) guides leaders through the process of self-discovery and deep personal growth. A journey of personal transformation that enables behavioral shifts and self-awareness on how others see them and how as a leader, they can make a different impact on others. We plan to engage 20,000 leaders over the next three years, helping embed the new leadership approach in our organization.
  • Our comprehensive succession planning and development programs across different levels of the organization allow us to build the right capabilities so that we can keep delivering on our purpose to reimagine medicine. Our current leaders are mentoring and coaching the next wave of leaders, so that we can future-proof company management and direction, continuing to inspire innovation and healthcare transformation.
  • We use surveys such as OurVoice and Team Perspectives to provide real-time insights, optimize outcomes and allow for targeted interventions.
  • Our progress has been recognized across sectors by the Association of Talent Development, who awarded Novartis with their 2020 ‘BEST’ Award. Other recent recognition includes the Chief Learning Officer Award from Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and the Learning Strategy Innovation Award from Cornerstone.