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Reporting side effects

Report a suspected side effect (also known as an adverse event) related to a Novartis Pharmaceutical drug or a Novartis Vaccine.

Reporting side effects

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Clinical trials

Clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies intended to answer scientific questions and find better ways to treat or prevent diseases. They are fundamental to the development of innovative medicines, vaccines and devices that treat and prevent illness.

Clinical studies are conducted to determine whether a new treatment is both safe and efficacious. Such studies are possible because volunteers (healthy volunteers and patients) agree to participate and try new medicines, vaccines and devices.

Medicines, vaccines and devices tested in clinical trials can be:

  • Not yet been approved by health authorities
  • Currently available for sale, and being tested to improve existing formulations or evaluate their potential in other diseases.

To learn more about the various phases of clinical trials, visit:

Participating in a Novartis clinical trial

The success of clinical trials depends on the participation of volunteers. Participants in clinical trials gain access to new research treatments not yet available to the public while helping others by contributing to medical research.

Novartis is currently conducting clinical trials worldwide for a range of diseases. For more information about ongoing interventional Novartis-sponsored clinical trials, visit:

Clinical trial results sharing

Leading in data transparency: Novartis has long been dedicated to improving clinical trial data transparency, for an overview of our commitments please review:

Clinical trial results: Novartis recognizes the importance of informing the public about the results of its interventional clinical trials for innovative compounds, regardless of the outcome. We make the results of our clinical trials publicly available through peer-reviewed publications and by posting the results on the Novartis clinical trial results website as well as other online public databases. Knowing the results of these trials enables both patients and their healthcare providers to make well-informed decisions about treatment risks and benefits.

To learn more about the results of Novartis-conducted trials, visit:

Sharing patient-level data: Novartis is also committed to providing access to patient-level data and clinical study reports from eligible studies to qualified external researchers. These requests are reviewed and approved by an independent expert panel on the basis of scientific merit. All data provided is anonymized to respect the privacy of patients who have participated in the trials in line with applicable laws and regulations.

In 2014, Novartis began to make patient-level data available for medicines and vaccines that received a regulatory approval in 2014 for a specified indication in both the EU and U.S. For more detailed information about patient-level data eligibility criteria and for external access requests please visit:

Investigator Initiated Trials

Novartis is committed to supporting Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs) as a part of the drug discovery and development process. Scientific research that is produced by qualified third-party investigators is key to complementing Novartis-sponsored research to help better understand the benefit/risk profile of our therapies as well as explore new opportunities to address unmet medical needs.

Novartis defines IITs as studies developed and sponsored by an independent investigator or academic sponsor. Novartis requires that clinical research undertaken through IITs be based on the need to address meaningful scientific and/or clinical objectives supported by valid scientific designs while respecting the privacy rights, safety and welfare of patients.

An IIT may be either a clinical or non-clinical study, conducted without the participation of Novartis for which the sponsor has requested that Novartis provide funding, drug product or both. Novartis provides financial support and/or drug product for IITs according to a written agreement, which requires that third-party sponsors comply with applicable local laws and regulatory requirements.