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Reporting side effects

Report a suspected side effect (also known as an adverse event) related to a Novartis Pharmaceutical drug or a Novartis Vaccine.

Reporting side effects

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Animal Health

Novartis Animal Health is a leader in developing new and better ways to prevent and treat diseases in pets, farm animals and cultivated fish. Our innovative medicines contribute to the quality of life, health and welfare of animals around the world.

For pets, Novartis products are effective aids for preventing internal and external parasites and treating ailments such as arthritic pain and kidney, heart and allergic diseases. For farm animals, we offer therapeutic products to treat parasitic and bacterial diseases and continually develop new vaccines to prevent diseases in livestock and cultivated fish. Specific needs of food producers in the area of farm bioprotection are met by providing innovative fly control products and services.

Preserving wild fish populations

Aquaculture helps preserve wild fish populations. Approximately half of seafood consumed by humans today is produced by aquaculture. Demand is expected to grow dramatically from about 50 million tons in 2008 to 80 million tons by 2030. Aquaculture is the world's fastest growing source of animal protein and global production will need to expand just to keep up with current consumption. The future success of aquaculture depends on developing and adopting technologies that allow efficient and environmentally sustainable production.

While fish are not a significant source of human pathogens, farmed fish are susceptible to disease, including parasites, viruses and bacteria. To deal with disease, farmers and veterinarians require fish health management tools that are effective, environmentally responsible and acceptable to the public.

The power of vaccines

Vaccines represent a success story within aquaculture and the future of fish health management. Through the successful use of vaccines and highly effective preventative medicines, the use of antimicrobials in some species (such as farmed salmon) has been virtually eliminated.

Developing effective vaccines against viral and parasitic infections represents a new challenge, particularly among intensively reared species - animals that are bred in close proximity.

Novartis Aqua Health is a leader is addressing this challenge with the first licensed vaccines against several salmon viruses, including Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) and Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis (IHN). More vaccines are in the pipeline, with researchers actively pursuing several viral pathogens of salmon and other fish species.

By developing these highly effective fish health management tools, Novartis Animal Health is enabling aquaculturists to meet the demand for fish products while helping to conserve many endangered fisheries and fish stocks.